Gloria Zoitl

Gloria Zoitl

Sculptor and painter Gloria Zoitl was born in 1945. From 1975 to 1981, she attended the Mozarteum in Salzburg where she studied sculpture under the mentorship of professor Ruedi Arnold. In 1983, she attended a summer art school under the supervision of Daniel Spoerri in Salzburg, and from 1983 to 1984 she obtained further knowledge in painting as a Rauris protegee. Gloria Zoitl exhibited in many group exhibitions and attended many international workshops organised in Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia. Since 1989, the artist has prepared a good fifteen solo exhibitions. In 1986, she received the Salzburg Artists Society Award.

Gloria Zoitl lives and works in Salzburg, Austria.

Gloria Zoitl’s world of art is the world of dreaming, searching, challenges, and fears. This is a world depicted by the painter mostly by drawing lines, applying colour and employing composition, in case of using the classical painting technique. When creating a sculpture, she works in selected material ranging from clay and wood to stone and glass, and lately she has been thoroughly exploiting modern media which bring the possibilities of expression to unpredictable levels. The choice is dictated by the author’s momentary inspiration, her intimate orientation and desire which directs her towards the way of expressing her inner world charged with imagination.
Gloria Zoitl spontaneously faces the challenges she brings to life by using her own distinct language of art.




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