Krunoslav Međimorec

Krunoslav Međimorec

Krunoslav Međimorec was born 23 Avgust, 1945 in Ludbreg, Croatia. He obtained his education during the period of 1952 to 1969 in Zagreb where he graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts. Shortly after that he spent a longer period of his life in Vienna, London, Munich, the Netherlands, and Italy. The artist moved to Istria in 1976.

Since 1974, Krunoslav Međimorec has exhibited in almost twenty of his solo exhibitions held in Croatia, Slovenia, France, Germany, Italy and the United Arab Emirates. Since 1968, the artist has worked on numerous art projects and organised the art summer school “Hortus Niger” in Brtonigla. The artist is author to six outdoor sculptures: a stone fountain in the Podsreda park of Kozjansko, a stone sculpture in Roč, the stone fountain Etigraf in Umag, the sculpture Isolino Virginia in Varese, Italy, a Carrar marble sculpture located in Dekani near Koper, and a marble sculpture erected in front of the Faculty of Organisational Sciences building in Kranj.
Krunoslav Međimorec lives and works in Sveti Silvestar near Oprtalj, Croatia.

Both material and the concept tell the story of Krunoslav Međimorec, but perhaps stone is the element most firmly anchored in his sub-conscience, since the artist feels it, understands it, knows how to deal with it, and makes the most out of this hard material. This is why, despite the wide choice of other materials, Krunoslav Međimorec sticks to stone, thus revealing the need to construct and to make broader interventions into space; stone is practically a way of the sculptor’s life, it is the material of art which enables him to create new forms and shape out new messages in the stylistic and abstracted language of art.




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