Slobodan Simić Sime

Slobodan Simić Sime

Photographer Slobodan Simič was born April 1995 in Samobor, Croatia; soon after, his family moved to Piran where he later finished the marine school. He graduated from the Faculty of Organisational Sciences at the department of science information and carried on with his education and professional work in the field of data communication. Slobodan Simič also gives lectures, writes expert articles, and publishes science books.

As an information scientist, he has now been active in the fields of photography, local history, and wood vessels for decades. The eternal value of still photograph, in the world filled with images in movement, has overwhelmed Slobodan Simič; by making a photograph, he can capture time through a camera and change it in eternity within a moment of his creative experience, thus bringing to life his dreams caught in aesthetic and narrative standards which are offered by the technique of photography.

The artist lives and creates in Piran.




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