Teodor Tavželj

Teodor Tavželj

Architect Teodor Tavželj was born 29 February, 1960 in Ljubljana. In 1986, he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana but soon after that he became a professional painter.

Teodor Tavželj is interested in many fields of visual art, mainly in painting, and is also intensely active in the area of the theory of painting as well as pedagogy, architecture, design, and scenography. His works have been exhibited at over thirty exhibitions organised in Slovenia and abroad and the artist has been given numerous prominent awards and received five 1st prizes at international exhibitions.

Teodor Tavželj’s main area of interest is discovering and developing his personal artistic language, while, within the frame-work of his course for a master’s degree in the field of philosophy and the theory of visual culture at the Faculty of the Humanities in Koper, he is striving for a more active involvement of the creative public society in the design of visual elements embedded in public life.
He lives and works in Portorož, Slovenia.

His paintings are turning to sources inside the littoral background, where the world of salt works and coastal area intrigues and motivates the artist to catch it into purified artistic solutions on the verge of the abstract and the figurative; the works are created with attention given to the choice of colours glowing in specific light and in a full scale of their warm shades.




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